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  • Coventry, RI 02816
  • Their Royal Highnesses have chosen a lovely lake-side spot to celebrate their coronation. They would have you come and make this a weekend to remember. Last court of Gregor and Kiena is scheduled for 11am. We hope to serve feast about 6pm.

    A delicious day board will be prepared by the revered Arianwen of Urquhart. Anyone who has been lucky enough to sample her food will attest to the pleasure that it evokes. Recipes are in keeping with the AngloSaxon tastes of our new King UPDATE: Arianwen will be unable to join us due to a death in the family. Johan Wanderer and the rest of the kitchen staff will attempt do justice to the plans and recipes she has worked so hard on.

    There will be a feast prepared by Fergus Redmeade and Elspeth Kyfe of Neddingham; mistress of House Lucerna. "Above the salt" will feature very fine and elegant fare and will be seated inside the hall which is warmed by two large fireplaces. "Below the salt" will feature slightly simpler fare and will be seated in a large tent overlooking the lake.

    UPDATE: "Above the salt" seats are SOLD OUT! There is a waiting list. If you ask for "above the salt" you will be given "below the salt" reservation(s) and on the waiting list for "above the salt".

    1st remove:
    All diners - Beef Stew with flat bread
    2nd remove:
    "above the salt" - Roast goose, turnips and malt patties
    "below the salt" - Kettle worms (sausages), turnips, apple frumenty
    3rd remove:
    All diners - Fish stewed in ale, roman cabbage
    4th remove:
    "above the salt" - Roast venison, hazelnut treats
    "below the salt" - hazelnut treats

    Anyone who would like to entertain at the event is encouraged to contact Fionan MacLeoid (

    There will be some bear pit heavy list fighting for those for whom court is not enough excitement.

    The local fencing marshal has started rumors of fun fencing activities possibly at unconventional times.

    Merchants are welcome at coronation. Spaces will be outdoor spaces available on a first grab, first served basis. The best spaces will be on the main field into which we are not allowed to put tent stakes, so please plan your shelter accordingly. Please see Ascelinne de Chambord when you arrive and she will help you find a spot.
    Site Opens: 7pm, Friday Oct. 4, 2013
    Site Closes: 11am, Sunday Oct. 6, 2013
    Event Website:

    Event Location
    Westwood YMCA Camp
    2093 Harkney Hill Road
    Coventry, RI 02816
    Take your best route to I-95 in southern RI. Take Exit 6 to Rt 3 north (Nooseneck Hill Rd.) toward Coventry. Follow 1.4 miles. Turn left at traffic light onto RI-118 west (Harkney Hill Rd). Follow 4.0 miles. Westwood Camp is on the left. Cars may be brought to the cabins BRIEFLY for loading and unloading but all cars MUST be parked in the parking lot.

    On Saturday there will be a person in the booth when you enter. Please let them know if you are staying overnight. If you are staying over night DO NOT take a ticket. If you are NOT staying overnight, please take one ticket per person so they will have an accurate count of day trippers only.

    Event Fees
    Site : Day fee $13 per person - includes dayboard
    Cabin-$27 per person - includes day fee, breakfast and day board
    Tent $60(up to 4)- includes day fee, breakfast and day board - This is a space to erect a tent that you bring with you. Up to 4 people may sleep in each tent.
    Under 18 gets a $1 discount off site fee.
    Under 5 free.
    $5 non-member surcharge is applicable
    for anyone over 18 years who does not produce a valid proof of membership.
    Feast: $8 for each tent seat (below the salt)
    $12 for each hall seat (above the salt) - SOLD OUT (ask to be put on the waiting list)
    Children under 5 may sit on laps. Children over 5 must have their own seat that the feast.

    There is no deadline for reservations, but it is not advisable to send checks less than one week before the event.

    NOTE: 'Below the salt' will be seated under a tent near the hall. This will be in the evening on a brisk fall evening. Please dress accordingly and bring enclosed flame lamps for lighting.

    Make Checks Payable to: SCA-RI, Inc.

    Contact Information
    Event Steward:
    Lady Adelaide Wanderer,
    Send Reservations to:
    Send payment by check or money order to Tracie Shepard, 4245 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02818 along with your membership number and expiration (if applicable). Please include ALL names for a group reservation. Provide an email address if you would like a confirmation of receipt of your reservation.

    Other Contact Information:
    Please contact Fergus Redmead ( with any dietary restrictions or concerns by September 30th

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