Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I see that gate opens on Friday night at 7... how late on Friday will it be open? My plan remains to be there pretty much *at* open, however, there is a possibility that my departure from home may be delayed.
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  • Celia Donohue Zanger We will be closing the gate at midnight and will open it again at 8.
  • Kolin Bernard For those of us day-tripping on Saturday is there a schedule of events for the day anywhere? Thank you!
  • Celia Donohue Zanger I had updated the event announcement with a couple things and had not copied it here. Now they match. The schedule is basically last court starts at about 11, and first court should be wrapping up somewhere before 6pm for feast. I anticipate a break of court in the early afternoon for a couple hours (maybe 1 to 3?) There is a meeting of the Keepers of Athena's thimble and a meeting about accessibility in the hall during that time. There will also be fighting in the bearpit, but the timing for that has not been related to me.
  • Celia Donohue Zanger

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