Sunday, October 6, 2013

The events of the weekend is just now soaking in. A nap really helped. I cannot express how overwhelmed I am by the generosity of time energy and spirit by everyone involved in putting together this Coronation event. I feel like a humble orchestra conductor who was lucky enough to work with an orchestra of world class musicians. Vague suggestions from me long before the event as well as on the fly at a moments notice were just executed without a second word from me on the day. Everyone I asked to take charge of various aspects, large or small, of making this event go just took the baton and ran full speed ahead and made it happen with large helpings of delegation, sweat, stress and sheer brute strength. I feel blessed and awed. 

Fergus Redmead and Beth Needham for researching, planning and flawlessly executing a complex and accurate Saxon feast. Jon Zanger for not only serving a hearty breakfast but also taking on the day board with short notice and doing justice to the amazing recipes and plans of Sheila Sylvan. Your hard work and attention to detail made food that gave us all a literal taste of Their Magesties' time and place. Thank you too to all of the many folks who were on your crews. I will let you mention their names, lest I should miss anyone.

Thank you to Caelia Blackwolf for going above and beyond with a very complicated set of reservations when she also juggling jobs like head retainer and local chancellor of the exchequer, not to mention a mundane business trip for two weeks just before the event. Thank you to Áine Inghean Uí O'Tuathail for recruiting and managing a fantastic team for the gate. Thank you to Ulrich Von Der Insel for missing court to help direct parking for most of the day. Thank you to Cindy Rollins and Fionan Fiónán MacLeóid for welcoming and dressing several new people and making them feel comfortable. You all did a fantastic job!

Thank you to David Barnes for the use of your beautiful pavilion for use as a Royal space and for setting them up for us.

Thank you to Jason Goodrich and your lovely friends from Endewerde who came so far and were such a great help decorating the hall and lending a hand in every way you could.

Thank you to Tom Beaudoin for an unending series of amazing feats of hauling, delivering, unpacking, setting up taking down, packing, cleaning up and generally magically making things happen and appear or disappear as needed. 

Thank you to Aegis, Ron W DuBrayPatrick Harrington and Denise Hurdfor organizing, running and scoring heavy list fighting in the bear pit. Thanks to Tom Beaudoin for donating a wonderful prize. Thank you to Don Caine Ramsey for gathering fencers to play at the last minute.

Thank you to Vargus Ulfr, Rich Polymathic, Jeff Perrone, for making and using fire in just the right ways at the right times in addition to invaluable help with hauling and cleaning.

There were so many others who helped those mentioned here and who did chores as needed all weekend with little to no prompting. I noticed and appreciate all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Most of all thank you to There Majesties, Kenric and Avelina for giving us a reason, inspiration and focus for everything we did this weekend. May they reign long and well.

- Lady Adelaide Wanderer

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